Canon issues product advisory for PC6, PC7/7RE, PC11 personal copiers and NP1010 (SELEX GR-1100 / GR-1200) / NP1020 (SELEX GR-1400) / NP6010 business copiers in EMEA

Canon has issued a product advisory for copier products, PC6, PC7, PC7RE, PC11, NP1010 (SELEX GR-1100 / GR-1200), NP1020 (SELEX GR-1400), NP6010 manufactured and marketed between 1987 and 1998.

This relates to the discovery of a faulty connection involving an internal power cord for the fixing unit heater on these models, which occurred at the time of manufacture or during servicing.

The models in question may present a small risk of smoke emission or fire, when the products are used over an extended period of time.

Despite no reported incidents taking place in Canon Europe’s region, Canon’s commitment to customer satisfaction and safety is paramount.   As a result, the company is taking steps to inform those customers who may be affected, and offering to undertake remedial measures if and where necessary.

As the last EMEA shipment of these models was in 1998, Canon estimates that very few of the products in question are still in use by customers today.

Canon will contact all relevant customers whose service details are currently on record, as well as dealers and reseller partners, advising them of the necessary steps to take. In addition, Canon advises customers who wish to check whether or not they may be affected to call your local Canon office ( Canon offices), or to visit,  where the latest information regarding these products will be posted.

Any affected customers will be offered product inspections free of charge and a no-cost parts replacement service if and where required. For personal copier (PC) models, inspection and replacement will be offered as part of a free ‘return-to-base’ service. For business copier (NP) models, customers can request a service engineer to provide an on-site service to check the integrity of the product’s connectors and, if necessary, change any parts as required at no cost to the customer.

Although, the risk of such an incident occurring is remote, Canon takes health and safety issues extremely seriously and the satisfaction of its customers remains paramount.

Media enquiries, please contact:
Lindsey Allardyce - Canon Europe
Ph: +44 (0) 208 588 8498

Terri Fellowes -Nelson Bostock Communications (for Canon)
Ph: +44 (0) 20 7229 4400                

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