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Success with Colorado 1640

PRO-KOMP grows in challenging environment

Pro Komp

Colorado 1640 surprised us the most with the speed of printing while maintaining perfect quality.

Bartosz Biernacki, Owner, PRO-KOMP

Opening up new routes with Canon UVgel

PRO-KOMP was established in 1998, created and owned by Michał Sokołowski — a technology enthusiast for whom investing in new devices is on one hand a step forward for business, and on the other hand a pretext to learn about the latest market trends of digital printing solutions. The company's name itself embodies its initial profile — when operations first began, PRO-KOMP sold computer components and IT services.

Currently, the company's key area of business is the comprehensive production of advertising materials — both for outdoor and indoor use. The impressive machine park is located on a production area measuring 600 m2 , while the design and graphics section covers over 80 m2 of office space.

In March 2018. PRO-KOMP invested in the Colorado 1640 colour plotter for digitally printing advertising materials with UVgel technology — the fastest device in the sector of 64-inch roll-to-roll printers with a speed of up to 159 m2/h (printing billboards and outdoor banners). PRO-KOMP's machine park also includes an Arizona 460 XT flatbed plotter, which has been producing advertising materials on non-standard, rigid media up to 50.8 mm thick for several years.

Thanks to investing in modern digital printing systems, PRO-KOMP is able to develop its competences and carry out more orders at the same time, while maintaining the highest quality. By the end of 2018, PRO-KOMP will move to its new headquarters, which will increase production space — and thus also the machine park — by more than five times.

Ensuring colour stability

"Arizona has been in our printing house for several years now, and we are very pleased with it" says Bartosz Biernacki, the manager of the printing house. And he adds:
"The properties of the ink we use allow us to maintain the color stability of prints for many, many months, in external conditions too, which is extremely important to us."
"Our campaigns are characterized by the fact that some elements that were used at the beginning of the year are repeated at its end," admits Michał Sokołowski, the owner of PRO-KOMP. "Thanks to Arizona, we are able to provide the same colors and the same color reproduction."

No wonder. After all, the Arizona 460 XT UV plotter delivers near-photographic image quality on rigid and flexible media, and is ideal for many advertising graphic applications. It enables the implementation of complex campaigns using various media, including decorations, banners, advertisements for store exhibitions and illuminated advertisements. This allows customers to expand their offer and win over new customers, as well as in other markets.

Fast and high quality

"Colorado 1640 surprised us the most with the speed of printing while maintaining perfect quality. Thanks to this machine, we are able to print much more than 500 m2 a day, which was inconceivable for us until now" admits Bartosz Biernacki. The owner of the company also said: "When it comes to the quality and durability of Colorado prints, they are really huge."

Colorado 1640 with UVgel technology is a breakthrough in the graphics industry. Thanks to the modern low-temperature LED-UV curing system, the gel dries immediately and is ready for further processing or laminating. The UVgel technology and the automatic nozzle control system also allows for dimensional stability of the shapes, which makes it much easier for applicators to fit them during gluing.

According to PRO-KOMP employees, the biggest production challenge for both of the Canon machines was printing three large campaigns at the same time. Thousands of square meters of printed media were created at that time. As they said themselves, it was only thanks to Arizona 460 XT and Colorado 1640 that they were able to cope with the task and complete all the orders at the same time.

Ease of use

An unquestionable advantage of both devices—and of cooperating with Canon—is certainly how easy the machines are to use. "In Colorado we used two rollers to feed the medium, which made our work much easier, first of all by accelerating it" notes Biernacki. "The nozzle permeability analysis system also ensures stable print quality. This lets us avoid the smearing effect when one of the nozzles becomes clogged." Michał Sokołowski adds: "For me, the most important thing when using Canon devices is Canon's excellent service. It is at a really high level, which is why I am very pleased with it."

"If I were to compare Arizona and Colorado to cars, they are certainly in the premium class. They maintain very high print quality, work very quickly and are comfortable to use. Exactly like a high-class car," concludes Bartosz Biernacki.

If I were to compare Arizona and Colorado to cars, they would certainly fit into the premium class. They maintain very high print quality, work very quickly and are comfortable to use.

Bartosz Biernacki, Owner, PRO-KOMP

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