2400 fanfold

2400 fanfold

Whether you are an architect checking designs or an engineer printing out work drawings, you all want to have your drawings quickly available, not wasting time to collect, trim and fold. And you want to have easy access to the information that is on your wide format documents.
Folding your large format drawings, color or monochrome, immediately from your printer makes your business more efficient: Plots are folded automatically and unattended. Save time to collate, trim and fold by retrieving the fan-folded sets of plots directly from the folder. Re-feed your documents easily for the cross fold to receive folded packages in consistent high quality.

By having your documents organized on one or multiple piles, you improve the organization of your tasks and processes to focus on other subjects.

The ability of folding extra long plots as well as narrow fold packages with a width of 100 – 420 mm, for example map printing, enables you to enhance your business opportunity. These features are standards, delivered with ever 2400 online fanfolder.


  • Automatic folding
  • Organized workspace
  • Endless folding for long plots
  • Narrow fold packages
  • Small footprint
  • Affordable solution with high RoI

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Easy to use A1 folder / A0 folder

By choosing between 8 different folding programs you can react on individual needs. A clear design and easy to use user interface of the folder makes the selection convenient. The output formats are in accordance to all major standards such as DIN 824, AFNOR and US sizes.
The 2400 fan folder is perfectly suited for small to medium print quantities as well as for special requirements such as long plots and narrow folds. Use the opportunity to create a convenient workflow with your TCS500, PlotWave 350, ColorWave 300, ColorWave 550 and ColorWave 650 to enhance your business from day one!
The level of integration depends on the type of printer that the folder is connected to. For detailed information please contact your local sales representative.

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