Enrolment Guide

The process of becoming an accredited partner, is very straight forward. The highlevel process consists of three main steps.

Membership Application

Existing Canon partners can apply for Partner Programme membership through the application process, facilitated in the Canon Partner Portal. You can apply for one of three levels; certified, silver or gold, for both your sales and your service organisations.

Partner Audit

Following your membership application an audit will be carried out to determine your level of adherence to the requirements attached to the accreditation level you have applied for. Canon management will visit your organisation to perform this audit in order to verify that all requirements have been met.

Membership award 

Based on the auditors report the appropriate accreditation level will be awarded to your sales and service organisations. You will receive the membership collaterals identifying your company as an accredited Canon Partner. Once your membership is awarded, the benefits tied to this membership level can be redeemed.