Exclusive Membership Benefits

Canon Partner Portal

The Portal is the basis of the programme in terms of the communication between business partners and Canon. Partners recieve personalised access, offering a wealth of business information and access to all other aspects of the partner programme.

Staff training and certification opportunities

Via e-learning, in-class training and on-line examinations, partner organisations will be trained and accredited in areas which supplement the business directions agreed between both the partner and Canon. In terms of business specialisation, training and accreditation will be aimed at equiping partners with sales and service specialists to drive these new business areas.

Business Programmes

Business Programmes will be designed to facilitate and encourage partners to develop new customer segments and more profitable business opportunities. Canon will set strict requirements for which partners will receive valuable incentives and rewards upon fullfilling these requirements.

Certified Partner Accreditation Collaterals

Upon receiving the accredditation level, a partner will have access to a variety of marketing collaterals which will clearly state to their customers that they are a Certified Canon Partner. This strong link to the Canon brand will add immense value to your business identity and recognition.  

Reward Schemes

Linked to business programmes and partner membership levels, Canon will offer partners access to powerful new customer penetration and loyalty programmes.

Multilingual Helpdesk

Partners will have access to the Multilingual helpdesk of the Canon Partner Programme offering the “call me now” function and chat facilities for your sales and service staff.