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Large Format Solutions for Wedding Photography

“My work makes people laugh and cry, but I don’t need tears when I see the final print”. Jeff Ascough, Award Winning Wedding Photographer

Our range of large format printers deliver highly productive speeds, optimum print quality and excellent reliability. No other printers in this category combine such high quality output with such cost effectiveness.

Jeff Ascough Vid

Exceptional colour and reproduction

The iPF6300,iPF6350 and iPF8300 incorporate LUCIA EX, Canon’s groundbreaking 12-colour pigment ink system. Offering improved image processing technology for:

• A wider colour range
• Smoother graduations
• Less bronzing and highly scratch resistant prints
• Enhanced black reproduction and graduation expression

Cost effective and versatile

Apart from producing stunning images, these printers also account for every penny you spend and can work across a wide number of systems.

There is a built-in cost management software system making it easy to track the cost of each job, enabling you to accurately calculate your ROI over time. Apart from excellent compatibility with ICC profile-based colour management systems, the range is also designed to work with third party RIP vendors supporting professional photography applications, as well as an Adobe Photoshop plug in which is free and makes printing even easier. And for further versatility a broad range of media solutions are also supported.

The perfect marriage between 100% input and 100% output.

Get optimum quality from the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6300, iPF6350 and iPF8300 range of large format printers

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