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Surfer Lennard Weinhold riding an artificial wave, photographed by Canon Ambassador Richard Walch. Taken on a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II.
In Canon Ambassador Richard Walch's dark and atmospheric action photo, surfer Lennard Weinhold catches air at an artificial wave pool in Munich, Germany. Taken on a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II with a Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM lens at 1/1250 sec, f/4 and ISO1000. © Richard Walch

Award-winning action photographer and filmmaker Richard Walch has a reputation for precision and creativity that is loved by his many clients, including Audi and Red Bull.

Canon Ambassador Richard has been a passionate photographer since his mid-teens. What started as a hobby – capturing images of his snowboarding friends on the ski slopes of the Alps – quickly became his business as word spread about the quality of his action images, and soon he was taking pictures all over the globe. "The camera became my ticket to the world and it still is," he says.

Renowned for his fanatical attention to lighting, sharpness and composition, Richard is in high demand internationally as both a photographer and a filmmaker. He has received numerous awards, including Gold and Silver at the International Calendar Show for his Art of Sailing project, as well as being a finalist in the Masterpiece category at the Red Bull Illume awards.

Surfer Lennard Weinhold riding an artificial wave, shot from above by Canon Ambassador Richard Walch. Taken on a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II.
A dynamic shot of surfer Lennard Weinhold trying out the artificial wave pool at Munich Airport. Taken on a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II with a Canon EF 11-24mm f/4L USM lens at 1/1000 sec, f/5 and ISO2000. © Richard Walch
Skier Bene Mayr somersaulting in mid-air, photographed by Richard Walch. Taken on a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II.
German freestyle skier Bene Mayr heli-skiing in Iceland. Richard is happy photographing pretty much every extreme sport and captures drama and emotion in ever more creative and dynamic ways. Taken on a Canon EOS-1D X Mark II with a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L III USM lens at 1/2500 sec, f/5.6 and ISO250. © Richard Walch

From skiing to sailing and pretty much every extreme sport in between, Richard is happiest capturing drama and emotion in ever more creative and dynamic ways. His 'Faces of Quattro' for Audi combines still portraits of national ski teams with, he says, "a flash sequence of 10 frames per second that turns the portraits into a motion film". Despite an already illustrious career, Richard still bubbles with infectious enthusiasm and says he remains "ultimately stoked" about his photography and filmmaking.

"As soon as I arrive at a location or event, I switch the mode dial on in my head," he says. "I become completely focused on the picture. I am in 100% photography mode. Photography is a rush for me now. It's like entering a zone – I have trained myself to see light and motion and I try to anticipate both. That's what drives me. Every day I am out there shooting images is a great day."

What inspired you to pursue photography as a career?
"I wanted to snowboard the best mountains all over the world, but I wasn't good enough to be become a pro snowboarder. So I united my two passions, photography and snowboarding, and that worked spot-on. It has taken me around the world several times. This sport was also perfect training for everything that followed later, because it is hard to shoot and you have to be very organised."

What is the best lesson you have learnt during your career so far?
"Try to stay focused on one genre to build your career, then you can shoot different genres. Try to understand the needs of your clients – and then deliver something on top of that."

What drives your creative ideas?
"I'm always searching for ideas and inspiration in other fields, and then I bring these ideas back to photography."

How has Canon technology helped you to shoot your projects?
"Whenever a new Canon product is presented, I try to find out what new ways of shooting it creates for me. That is a perfect way to push yourself and your photography. Since I shoot very technically, continuous technical development supports my photography."

Why do you think the Canon Ambassadors Programme is important and what do you hope to achieve by being a part of it?
"I think it is important to share the love and passion for photography and that is exactly what the Canon Ambassador Programme does. Our job is to go out in the field and find great stories. My job is to share these stories and to explain in an engaging way how I was able to capture the images, so other photographers can follow my path. We also try to make the products even more refined and to give straight feedback to the [Canon] engineers in Japan – we are the voice of photographers out there. A great camera doesn't create a good story, but it helps you to capture it."

Twitter: @Richard_Walch
Instagram: @richardwalch
Facebook: Richard Walch
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Slackliner Alexander Schulz crossing a rope slung between two islands above turbulent seas, photographed by Canon Ambassador Richard Walch. Taken on a Canon EOS R.
Slackliner Alexander Schulz performing stunts in Arranmore, Ireland. Slacklining is similar to walking a tightrope, but the line is suspended between two anchor points and has less tension. Taken on a Canon EOS R with a Canon RF 28-70mm F2L USM lens at 1/500 sec, f/5.6 and ISO500. © Richard Walch

One thing I know
Richard Walch

"Take small steps, but take them consistently. Never stop, and let your passion carry you all the way. Learn as many skills as you can: photography, filmmaking, post-production, editing… but also learn how to run a company. It might sound boring, but it is essential in the long run. Most importantly, find a genre that you love and that you have a burning passion for. You need to find a state of mind where time doesn't matter because you love what you are doing; then you can achieve anything. PS Take care of your body!"

Richard Walch's kitbag

The key kit that the pros use to take their photographs

Canon Ambassador Richard Walch's kitbag, containing Canon cameras and five lenses.


Canon EOS-1D X Mark II

Our flagship pro DSLR with 20.2 Megapixel full-frame sensor, 61-point AF system, up to 14fps and ISO to 409,600. "This camera is totally designed for speed and toughness with no compromise," enthuses Richard. "That's exactly my kind of photography, so what a perfect match!"

Canon EOS R

A pioneering full-frame mirrorless camera that sets new standards for photographers and filmmakers. "I use it for everything but high-speed action," Richard says. "I am fascinated by the advanced shooting methods this new system has to offer."

Canon EOS 5DS R

A 50.6 Megapixel sister camera to the Canon EOS 5DS with a low-pass cancellation filter for super-sharp detail. "I love that the EOS 5DS R has a monster resolution of over 50 Megapixels," says Richard, "it's extreme and has limitations, but when you use it right it is 'the bomb'!"


Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM

A professional grade wide-angle lens with a natural perspective, an f/1.4 aperture and low light capabilities. "I work a lot with zoom lenses for speed and flexibility, but working with the fast aperture of the EF 35mm f/1.4L II USM is beautiful," Richard says.

Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM

Discover portrait perfection with an exceptional telephoto lens. "The EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM is a beautiful piece of glass and the bokeh it creates is magical," says Richard.

Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Extender 1.4x

A professional grade f/4 lens with a built-in 1.4x extender for huge flexibility and focal range for sports and wildlife. Richard says it's: "The ultimate choice for my sailing photography, it is so fast and versatile that I can harvest about 25% more images [than usual] out of a sailboat race using it."

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