kayak on lake

Sharing your photos on social media

Sharing your photos on social media is a great way to get feedback on your images. Whether you simply share with friends and family or post to some of the photography websites you will want to ensure that the images you post are the best representation of your work.

First thing is to check the rights, you will most likely own the copyright to your images but consider the subject or event, usually asking permission or getting an OK to use images is the safest way to proceed.

Only post your best images by choosing your preferred shot from any sequence. Posting mediocre shots alongside a great one can devalue and distract from your best work. Generally you will get more interest if you post good quality images rather than giving people galleries of many pictures to go through.

Make sure each image you show has been through post-production. You want your images to stand out amongst the rest so crop images tight and make sure colours are vivid and punchy. If turning to black and white give your images a good contrast.

Respond to any comments, shares and likes etc. Giving feedback and appreciation on comments will encourage others to take an interest in your work. Use hash tags and identifiers to categorise your work to make it easier for others to find you on social media sites. Join groups to present your work to a like-minded community, you are more likely to get feedback from people who shoot similar images.